Rotor Safety Program

Thermo Scientific Rotor Safety Program

Sign up for a FREE Thermo Scientific rotor safety seminar with optional rotor inspection clinics!

Educate your lab in the best practices for centrifugation and rotor handling, including:

  • Proper rotor loading and attachment
  • Accident prevention through improved laboratory safety
  • Maximizing your investment with routine maintenance, evaluation
    and care of your rotors

You'll also receive rotor care information, posters for your lab, and a certification of
completion for rotor care safety.

To schedule a rotor safety seminar, inspection, or clinic, or to discuss your centrifugation needs with a sales representative, please complete the form below. By registering, you will have access to our Thermo Scientific Rotor Safety Program brochure. Items marked with an * are required.

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Improve lab safety. Extend equipment life.
Maximize your investment.

Centrifuge rotor maintenance is critical to the safety of your lab. Our support specialists work in partnership with you to maximize your investment through preventive care and safe rotor use.