Maintenance of Finnpipettes

Finnpipettes are easy to service in the laboratory using the tools provided with the pipette. All Finnpipettes come with detailed instructions on how to disassemble and assemble the pipette. Instructions for routine in-lab maintenance are also included. Instructions for use are also available.

Short-term checking

At the beginning of each workday, the pipette should be checked for dust and dirt on the outside surfaces. Particular attention should be paid to the tip cone. No other solvents except 70% ethyl alcohol should be used to clean the pipette.

Long-term maintenance

If the pipette is used daily, it is recommended to check the calibration every three months.

General guidelines for cleaning the pipette:

  1. Open the pipette.
  2. Check for dust and dirt, and wipe clean.
  3. Use only 70% ethyl alcohol to clean. The tip cone and tip ejector can be left in an alcohol bath overnight.
  4. Grease the piston, O-ring and other cleaned parts with the silicon grease that comes with the pipette.
  5. Assemble the pipette.

Please note: The calibration has to be checked after cleaning the pipette.

UV resistance

All Finnpipette models are UV resistant. The handle however might change colour from grey to light yellow. If the inner parts of the pipette are exposed to UV light, please check there is sufficient grease on the piston and O-rings.