Decode allergy and manage treatment with the first FDA-cleared IgE component tests from ImmunoCAP® 1
Food allergies are a growing health concern in the US. In fact, there has been an 18% increase in food allergies from 1997 to 2007.2,3,4 ImmunoCAP offers the most comprehensive aeroallergen and food allergy testing menu available. Test results help you decode symptoms and manage treatment in 2 simple steps, with one blood sample.

Step 1: Decode the whole spectrum of allergic triggers.

  • ImmunoCAP can reveal IgE sensitivity to over 650 available allergens
  • Profiles are customized to specific regions and the most common food allergens (including the “Big 8 Foods” that account for 90% of food allergic reactions) 5
  • Test can be performed irrespective of age, symptoms, medication, and disease activity and/or severity

Step 2: Decode specific allergy risks.

  • A growing variety of allergen component tests are available—including those for peanuts, eggs, and milk
  • Helps distinguish between cross-reactivity and clinical allergy
  • Helps determine the risk of reaction to heat stable vs. heat labile proteins

ImmunoCAP Allergen Component testing can help determine which proteins affect your patient. This allows you to:

  • ASSESS risk for systemic allergic reactions
  • EVALUATE potential tolerance for cooked food products (egg and milk)
  • ADDRESS parental anxiety with clear answers


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