Thermo Scientific Pipette Warranty

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You'll receive the following warranty periods for each of your registered pipettes:

  • F1-ClipTip (Lifetime)
  • Finnpipette F1 (5 years)
  • Finnpipette F2 (5 years)
  • Finnpipette F3 (5 years)
  • Finnpipette Focus Short (5 years)
  • Finnpipette Digital (5 years)
  • Finnpipette Stepper (5 years)
  • NEW! E1-ClipTip (2 years)
  • Matrix Electronic (1 year)
  • Finnpipette Novus (2 years)
  • Finnpipette Novus i
    (for immuno-precipitation, 2 years)
  • S1 Pipet Filler (2 years)

You may register up to five pipettes at one time. If you have the need to register additional pipettes
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